Our Mission

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

We work together to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage.

We have the courage to act.



Globally distributed fellowship venture army will identify other brilliant entrepreneurs and problem solvers from South Asia



Our MakerFest and MITLI events celebrate entrepreneurs and provide avenues for them to collaborate and innovate

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Our army of distributed fellows will create a circle of giving by investing in initiatives that solve pressing global issues

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Areas Of Change

Policy Change

Influencing broad policy changes to enable a better world.

Freedom To Innovate

Creating an environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Women in Tech

Encouraging women to succeed in the STEM discipline and take on leadership roles.

Taking India Global

Empowering collaboration between key influencers in business, technology, government and academia between US-India.

I see great philanthropy as an ability to see the invisible destiny of great entrepreneurs. It is an esoteric skill that knows when to intervene and when to step away, while empowering individuals. We at Motwani Foundation constantly strive towards perfecting this ability in our actions and investments

Contribution Towards A Better Tomorrow


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