Who We Are

Maker Fest is a self-sutaining social movement where local maker events are organized by volunteers/change makers.
It attracts a small group of like minded people who become volunteers in their community and host and celebrate the makers via a community oriented Maker Fest event


Our vision is to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in India at the grassroots level. Maker Fests are filled with people like you and me who are just making things at home and when they get the chance to share their projects and find collaborators, great new products and companies emerge. We hope there will be many of the first events in different cities, and that Maker Fest will spread across India to showcase makers, tinkerers, and do-ers of every stripe

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Step #1


The place where you hold your event is a critical component of its success, so making sure it’s the right space is important.

Step #2

Design the experience

The way your arena is designed will create an impact on the presentation of your event. Be creative in designing your arena.

Step #3


It’s important to create a budget early in the planning stages at least 6 months before the event, and manage it diligently leading up to your event.

Step #4


When you’re approaching a potential sponsor, you’ll need to explain what a Maker Fest event is, excite them about the opportunity, and convince them it’s worth their while.

Step #5

Maker Selection

One of the most important aspects of the Maker fest is selecting makers. Once the maker application due date passes, the selection of makers needs to be done by core team members exclusively- no sponsor or partners should be included

Step #6


All design assets you may need, such as logos specific to your City, email templates, and presentation templates are found in Dropbox in the “Maker Fest” folder. It is best to use these for all communication with members and partners

Step #7

Social Media

Mention your event’s sponsors on social media accounts — including Twitter, Facebook, newsletter (mailing list) emails or on your blog

Step #8


Ensure that the event is attended by the press and promoted by them. Press and PR shoud be a part and parcel of your initial event plan and not an afterthought.