Dr. Sandip Patil

Founder & Director,

Sandip Patil is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur. He holds a doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering and has a vast experience in the field of Nano technology and Adhesives. Several of his works on Adhesion have been published. He is also a co-inventor of an Indian patent on composite reusable adhesive and that of a US patent which isunder process. Some of his innovative work on fabrication of composite reusable adhesives has been covered under scientific news in CNN U.S. edition and Mint and the Wall Street Journal. He has won several accolades including the Technopreneur Promotion Program (TePP) award for fabrication of low cost lab scale electro-spinning machines and the prestigious IICHE M. P. Chary Memorial Medal for being an outstanding young chemical engineer for the year 2012. His innovations have also been presented in various international conferences including Society of Rheology and Society of Adhesion in the area of novel engineering material development.

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Juhaim Ibnu
Abdul Jabar

Founder & CEO,

Juhaim is a first time founder and a student entrepreneur who had participated in international competitions like CANSAT, Texas and URC Challenge, Utah. With his passion towards innovations, he has built Miniature Satellite, Mars Rover, Aerial Telemetry substation, Elephant Deterrent device, Linear Generator and much more.

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Manisha Mohan

Research Assistant,
Rape prevention device, MIT MEDIA LAB

Manisha Mohan is an experienced ‘Research Assistant’ with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Matlab, Computer Vision Design, Social Engineering, C++, and Public Speaking, she has in-depth knowledge in Human Computer Interaction, Wearable Technology, and Materials with a Master’s degree focused in MAS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Priya Kuber


Priya is an Indian entrepreneur with ventures across India and San Francisco. She went to school for Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering. She has 7 years of experience working with several aspects of a hardware business, including sales, prototyping, and product design. She was the founding CEO of Arduino’s India office. She has worked on wearable technology in San Francisco with Luxottica’s R&D. She loves new challenges and takes an active interest in mentoring her fellow women in technology. Priya has working knowledge of product prototyping, component selection, Arduino and analog electronics. She also has scripting knowledge of python and javascript. She believes in taking a platform-agnostic approach to new product design. Her core strength is her out-of-the-box creativity.

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Rohil Dev

Founder & CEO,

Rohil Dev envisions to optimize technology for future well-being. Technology is vital for empowering our daily life. But current technologies are limiting our freedom to explore the beautiful world and people around us. Rohil believes that optimizing technologies for well-being is essential for better future.

He is the Former – CEO and now CTO for over 3 years at Fin Robotics Inc. He has developed and launched Neyya (Formally called Fin) in the US and UK with Urban Zen NY, Amazon, Brookstone, Bloomingdales, Sky Mall etc. November 2015.

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Sohil Patel


Sohil’s organisation-Oizom works in the IoT space of clean-tech products. Oizom Instruments sense and analyses the natural resources like air, water, soil energy etc. and provide environmental data in form of visualization, reports, notifications and predictions using cloud software and mobile app. Oizom is focused on air-quality primarily.

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