Henry Skupniewicz


Henry has been working on issues of design and making literacy within India since 2013, where he has worked for universities, foundations, and corporates. He has a lot of love of craft and computation, and, more generally, love to make sense of things. Over the years he has been a coach, a cheese-monger, a research assistant, a speaker, and has spent countless hours on the water.

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Kishan Parikh

Student Assistant ,

Kishan is passionate about Architecture,Interior and Furniture. He aims to design efficiently and uniquely. His strength lies in conceptual design, Digital Fabrication and
leading a design team.

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Masha Nazeem

Founder ,

Masha Nazeem is an Indian inventor and a leading woman scientist of India. She is from Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India. After creating her first invention at the age of 9, she has been the recipient of several national and international awards. Two of her innovations have been successfully tested by the Indian Government.

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Nirman Dave

Co-Founder & CEO,

Growing up in a small town in Gujarat, Nirman developed a passion for programming when he got his first computer. By 17, he had published 200 apps with over a million downloads. After high school, he founded a profitable startup called CircuiTricks and went on to pursue Entrepreneurship from MIT in Boston and Computer Science from Hampshire College in Amherst. During this time, he built USA’s first interdisciplinary Hackathon event with partners like Google, Viacom and Star Trek. He now works at the intersection of Machine Learning and Behavioral Economics with his startup called Obviously AI, a web app to help SaaS companies predict customer behaviour.

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Nitin Gupta


Nitin began his career as a high tech space engineer at ISRO where he learnt basics of system engineering and precision manufacturing. Following his dream of working on ground to solve social problems using technology, he founded Sickle Innovations which develops technologies for small and marginal land holders from developing countries. He follows design thinking principles religiously and believes that design has power to solve burning issues being faced by BOP segment specially from developing countries. He is passionate about mechanical contraptions, mechanisms, TRIZ, bicycles and motorbikes.

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Sanvar Oberoi


Sanvar co-founded the Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) – India’s first & largest hemp & cannabis group. His organisation kickstarted the legal hemp & cannabis industry in India in 2013 by assisting the Govt. evolve policies & regulations at a federal & state level. In partnership with leading Govt. labs, he runs India’s only hemp & cannabis breeding programs across 3 states. BOHECO was the first to launch commercial hemp & cannabis products in India & start engaging with end consumers. As he most recognised hemp & cannabis brand in India, BOHECO is now leveraging its leading position to move into the next era of growth – legal medical cannabis.

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Shashwat Ratan

Head of R&D,

Shashwat co-founded Robo Shack Microtronics with the aim of making learning about technology fun and engaging. Electro Bricks, the low-cost electronics kits designed for children by Robo Shack does not need any prior skills in programming or soldering. The bricks are pluggable with each other and one can create complex circuits using different combinations of the bricks.
Shashwat has also worked in fostering the makers movement in the small town of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. He is passionate about bringing elements of the maker culture into primary and secondary education in India.

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Shilo Shiv Suleman

Artist & Founder,

Shilo Shiv Suleman is a visual artist with a focus on the intersection of magical realism, art for social change and technology. Shilo has created large scale installations for The Burning Man Festival and apps that featured on TED which react to your brainwaves.

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Sourabh Kaushal


Sourabh Kaushal is an Electronics and Communication Engineer. He is doing research on Space Debris Mitigation and Space transportation system for the last half decade. As a passionate for space, science and technology, he has proposed some new techniques to mitigate space debris from space. He is a recipient of Rajeev Circle Fellowship for Entrepreneurs 2015, USA. He was the runner up for Jerome Pearson Award 2010 by International Space Elevator Consortium, USA and Dr. Kalpana Chawla Young Scientist Award 2012. He also received “Young Innovator Award 2013” by Indira International Innovation Summit 2013 and “Youth Revolutionary Award” 2013. In addition, he is also the finalist of MIT Technology Review (India) 35 Young Innovator Award and nominated for Jerome Leader Space Safety Pioneer Award 2012-13 for his innovative research work.

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