Aditya Bhatt

Founder| CEO | Maker,

Aditya founded the company when he was still in class 10 with a vision of bringing his invention out to the world and to solve the rising issue of energy in the world. Now, the company has picked up multiple industries under his leadership and has been super-successful in the energy domain as his vision was and still is. He aims at impacting at least 2 Billion lives before he turns 25.

Aditya has recently been nominated for Forbes-30-under for the social impact he is making through his innovations.

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Danyal Tirmazi

Co-Founder | COO | CFO,

Jaan Pakistan researches and promotes clean cookstove technologies to low-income,off-grid communities that still use firewood and dung cakes to cook food and heat homes. The organisation manufactures affordable energy technologies intended to spread renewable energy across Pakistan’s off-grid communities. The company’s cookstove technologies include solar cookstoves, saber stoves and efficient firewood cookstoves which reduce firewood consumption and are economically viable, enabling customers to receive all kinds of solar thermal products from solar cookers and solar water heaters to other general heating technologies.


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Fahad Rao

Co-Founder & CTO,

Fahad Rao is the co-founder and CTO of ClubInternet- an organisation that develops technology to help onboard the 4.3 Billion offline people in the world onto the internet. Their current projects include an intelligent simulator for smartphones to facilitate those buying their first ever computing device and a MOOC to impart digital literacy.

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Harshwardhan Zala

Founder & CEO,

Harshwardhan is a young Chief Executive Officer with a game-changing history of working in the Defense & Aerospace Industry, globally. He is skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Programming, Military Aviation, Cutting-Edge Inventions, Artificial Intelligence, ML etc. He designed a smart solution through which drones could not only detect but also defuse land-mines on war fields, saving many lives.

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Kalyani Khona


Kalyani is the founder and director of Inclov, the world’s first matchmaking platform for people with disabilities to make friends and find love. Inclov was born out of her core belief that no one deserves to be alone. What started as an idea in 2014, is a now a self-driven volunteer-based platform for people with disabilities finding companionship with more than 50,000 members with 20,000 connections across the country. As a young student just out of college, she came up with the concept of Inclov overnight and spent days researching only to find out this had never been done or entertained before by corporates, private matchmakers or any other independent entities.

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Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed

Founder & Co-Director,

Maryam is an experienced partner with a demonstrated history of working in the entrepreneurship & services industry. She is skilled in Business Development, Research, Analytical Skills, Public Speaking, International Relations, and Project Management. Master of Laws (LL.M.) focused in International & Comparative Law from UC Berkeley.
She founded Daftarkhwan – a meeting point for entrepreneurs, a resource palette for start-ups, and an open call for collective action. Daftarkhwan aims to deliver an agile workplace that can adapt to the evolving needs of the modern-day. Their focus is to foster a community of professionals & entrepreneurs pursuing diverse career paths and to equip them with infrastructure designed for collaborations & collective learning.

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Pratik Parmar

Inventor/Founder & CEO,

Pratik is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the industrial automation industry. He is a strong information technology professional skilled in OpenCV, Python, C, Artificial Intelligence, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT(Internet Of Things), PCB Design and Embedded Systems. His startup Crear Computers develop CPUs that can be carried in a pocket, easy to plugin with a display and power to build a computer anywhere.

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Saad Idrees

Co-Founder & CEO,

Saad has been looking after the Production Planning module at ICI for 5 businesses, all of them diverse in nature. In the brief period that he has served at ICI, he has gelled in very well with the SAP team and shown an enthusiasm to learn and improve his skills as a business process consultant. He has shown great work ethic and an ability to learn under pressure in a number of professional situations.

Saad was found to be able to grasp concepts and process-flows, as well as adding a new perspective to the team’s view of existing functionalities.

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Sarah Adeel

Founder & CEO,

Intelligent design and thoughtful policies can foster connection and trust. With ten years of experience, implementing strategy, policy, and design as a problem-solving activity, Sarah is interested to manage innovative projects that improve human interconnectedness.

As a Fulbright scholar and graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, her research has explored how prosperous and sustainable social structures take physical form through design. This work ultimately led to the foundation of a social enterprise that reintegrates street children into society (LettuceBee Kids), a design lab to empower their mothers (Sammaan), and recognition as an Acumen, iCats, and Rajeev Circle fellow.

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Samyak Chakrabarty


Listed by Forbes as one of Asia’s most influential under 30: Samyak leads X Billion Labs – an ecosystem of futuristic impact enterprises. Currently he is working towards solving India’s un-employability crisis through Skills Lab. His aim is to re-imagine activism and what impact means in the context of present age realities such as artificial intelligence, big data, climate change, unemployment, data driven capitalism & widening inequality.
In the past: he built India’s first youth marketing & research consultancy, partnered with organizations like the United Nations to engage students with the Sustainable Development Goals, hosted Indo:Pak Youth Peace Summits & even popularized the concept of Model UNs as his first business venture at the age of 18.

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Shrishti Sahu


Shrishti Sahu is an entrepreneur and an angel investor. She has a degree in mechanical engineering (with a minor in automation and robotics) from the University of Warwick and a certificate in Capital Markets and Investments from Harvard University.
She has 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience and has worked on e-commerce, social impact and financial technology start-ups. Her expertise lies in business development, growth hacking and technology.
In 2014, the University of Warwick recognized her as an ‘Inspirational Alumni’ alongside internationally known writers, politicians, academics, scientists and lawyers.
In 2016, Shrishti was selected as one of the 12 fellows for Rajeev Motwani Fellowship, a prestigious recognition for entrepreneurs from India and Pakistan for a Silicon Valley Immersion program and for the GSBI cohort by the Miller Center of Social Entrepreneurship.

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