Akhsat Tyagi


Akshat Tyagi is a young entrepreneur and author from Delhi. He is passionate
about the future of learning and media. Having co-founded Unboard : a platform to
promote alternative paths of learning and livelihood, he is now working to create
a sustainable model for offline impact through Edhack. He has worked with the
alternative education movement in India. He was also a partner to Meticle, an AIplatform
for political Op-eds and memes. Akshat has been a contributor to various
Indian portals including TheQuint and DailyO. His next book will be published by
Penguin India later this year.

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Anum Nawaz


Anum Nawaz looks at self-expression as a powerful tool to solve socio-cultural
problems of our contemporary times. Her startup, My Voice Unheard is a humanistic
project that aims to bring a counter-narrative to the uni-dimensional and clichéd image
of Pakistan through storytelling. Academics Accessible is an extension of My Voice
Unheard through which Anum brings academicians outside the confines of universities
into public spaces to create opportunity for non-degree seeking community members
to open their minds to new research. She hopes to enable public scholarship by
promoting cross-cultural academia for intellectual empowerment.

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Arzish Azam


Arzish Azam is the CEO of Ejad Labs, a collaborative innovation hub for South Asian Entrepreneurs. He’s the Manager for Google Business Group (GBG) Lahore, a non-profit community supported by Google and is the lead organizer for BizFest Lahore, the first Google supported technology and business conference for the region. He is the Chapter Director for Startup Grind Islamabad and helped expand the world’s largest independent network of entrepreneurs to 10+ cities, 5+ universities in Pakistan. Arzish is the founder of the PAK-US Tech Exchange, the largest independent exchange program for Pakistani entrepreneurs to experience Silicon Valley, powered by Startup Grind.

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Atur Mehta


As the Chief Technology Officer, Atur is more than fluent in software. By second grade, he knew he wanted to be an Engineer. By age 15, Atur had taught himself several programming languages. With experience as an engineer, developer, and the head of our prototyping team, Atur helps make the call on what to build and how to build it.

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Bayan Mashrequi

Co Founder

Bayan Mashrequi’s self-motivated interests helped him learn electronics, chemistry, mechanics and 3D visualization hands-on. Studying industrial and manufacturing engineering further polished his skills. Being passionate about design and fabrication, Bayan co-founded Juncstart, while still at college, to facilitate students and design aficionados in developing and refining their ideas through exposure to diverse tools and methodologies. He finds the lack of understanding of product development in Pakistan a significant reason for why local products/services never see the light of day in international markets and this is where he believes he can create impact.

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Bhavya Gohil


Bhavya grew up obsessed with all things robot. As Chief Executive Officer, he makes sure Square Off is the next big thing in board games and continues to grow the company from the little engine that could be a Connected Play powerhouse. Bhavya makes sure all products and marketing scream the Square Off brand.

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Brijesh Kumar


Brijesh is a Engineer turned social entrepreneur. He is in end 20’s and exploring definition of technology from grass-root level. He is interested in building socially acceptable solution which require minimum to no maintenance. He is involved in developing systems that are designed to fund self sustenance as well as cover livelihood of householders that includes building solar powered floor grinder, habitable tree house for AirBNB, conducting workshop on DIY Making, running FOSS open source community in ASSAM and Gujarat.

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Daniel Jeevan

Fablab Coordinator,

Daniel organises Maker Fests in Kerala and heads the operations at Fab Lab Kochi. He is an Engineer and a Fab Academy graduate. He is currently pursuing his executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode. He is engaged as Technical Officer with Kerala Startup Mission.

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Haaziq Kazi

Young Entrepreneur

Haaziq is passionate about environment and intends to create ERVIS. ERVIS is a social
enterprise which focuses on 3 areas, one is education around plastic pollution, second is cleaning waste in oceans and third to engage on circular economy. With the development of ERVIS platform, he will give people an opportunity to fix inefficiency in plastic consumption issue by providing a platform to coordinate, communicate and collaborate in order to recycle plastic and materialize the idea of “use plastic as a resource”. ERVIS supports the conversion of plastics from linear economy to circular economy and helps all actors in plastic life-cycle to work together for mutual benefit and at the same time benefiting the environment.

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Haleem Khan

Professional Artist

Hailing from a strict, orthodox Muslim family, Haleem’s love with Hindu classical dance, as a young man, seemed nothing less than a sin. Many obstacles stood in his way, such as opposing his family’s wishes, religious pressure, and even financial crisis. However, his greatest hurdle was that he was boy, who wanted to learn a classical dance,which
is traditionally performed by females. All of these things cornered him into thinking that these dreams may never come true. But nothing can stop a person whose passion is next to devotion. This is self-evident in what Haleem Khan has showcased to the world with his enormous success today. Professionally trained under many renowned
gurus, dance has now become the language he speaks most fluently and the religion he believes in deeply.

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Hamza Abbas

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and a by-chance business graduate, Hamza Abbas is the co-founder and CEO of Auto Genie, Pakistan’s first on-demand auto services company that repairs and maintains cars at homes and offices through easy online bookings. His hobbies and interests related to all things automotive evolved into his profession at age twenty, when he started his company during his first year at college. He has learnt tough lessons the hard way, but Humza is passionate about triggering reforms in the automobile industry in Pakistan which is largely unregulated and lacks standards.

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Issac Alexander

Founder & Director,

Issac Alexander is the Founder and Director of Pepper House – a space dedicated to art,
design and culture that supports creative individuals and groups with a space to work,
resources to create, and a platform to exchange ideas that advance humanity toward a more inclusive and positive future. Pepper House aims to achieve this through a range
of civic engagement programs such as workshops, seminars, courses, film screenings,
performances, art & design residencies, publications and exhibitions.

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Mahreen Tahir

IFounder & MD

Mahreen Tahir-Chowdhry is Fulbright scholar with an interest in exploring the space between technical skills education and creativity. She is the Founder of Botaniqué Floral Couture; an enterprise established with the mission to introduce first-of-its-kind sustainable luxury in Pakistan to create a celebratory eco-system curated with ‘the flower’ at its heart. The startup is envisioned to drive social change by enhancing human capital through skills development, creating employment opportunities to empower marginalized communities as well as cultivate the beginnings of a new and exciting industry.

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Founder & CEO,

Mohammad Rashid is an electronics engineer and an entrepreneur with a keen interest in connected car technology. Together, with a strong team, he is connecting people via their smartphones and empowering them with more control over everyday things. RoboArt’s product, MoboKey, is the world’s first Bluetooth based peer-to-peer car sharing platform. It is a smartphone application that is transforming access, security and sharing of cars, at the same time providing numerous features to drivers. Ali’s vision is to provide users with an interconnected system that offers ease and peace of mind, freeing people from unnecessary everyday hassles.

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Rahul Bhagchandani


Rahul Bhagchandani is an entrepreneur and a startup ecosystem enabler. At the age of 17, he founded Youth Connect, India’s first youth media house. He is currently the Group CEO at Gujarat University, leading Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC), Gujarat University Park for Industrial Extension &Research (GUPIER) & University Office of Strategy. Rahul has over 9 years of experience across various industries & also chairs the Youth Connect Foundation. He has played a pivotal role in convincing the Government of Gujarat to introduce the Student Startup & Innovation Policy (SSIP), which provisions a Rs. 200 crore fund for enabling and supporting young, student innovators and enablers.

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Saad Hamid


Saad Hamid is a digital ecosystem builder recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the Davos50 Innovators. He is currently working as a Developer Community Manager for Google and is also leading development of Pakistan’s first Mastercourse E-learning Platform. He’s previously founded DEMO – Ideas for Impact, which provides consultancy and services in impact-driven verticals such as innovation, entrepreneurship, skills development, technology and communications. Saad is also the co-founder at KNCT Hub which is a co-innovation and co-working space for youth in Islamabad enabling them to connect, learn and grow.

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Namrata Majumdar

Core Team

Namrata is a chemical engineer and an MBA in marketing from Nirma University Ahmedabad Gujarat. While studying she was active in organising Tech events like chemozale and iFest. After graduating she worked with ACC cements Ltd. for a span of 1 year after which she started her own proprietary firm to deal in the industrial lubricants by Total Oil India Pvt Ltd. She also was involved in consulting MSMEs for diversification and expansion of the organization. Presently, she is a co-founder of a startup of an e- commerce site called swagup.in She is also associated to Yuvalay Charitable Trust for various activities like organising Makerfest.

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Shikha Shah

Co-founder/ Co- CEO,

Shikha Shah is a founder and Co-CEO of Fibre Labs. It is an alternative textile and a material science company. Using proprietary technologies, it converts agriculture waste into textiles. These textiles are environmentally sustainable, socially good and performance wise superior. It saves around 7,00,000 litres of water per ton of fibres, increase poor farmer’s income by 400% and makes textiles that are up to 4x durable, naturally anti-bacterial etc. The company has received grants and prices worth around $18000 from the state government and Innocity-SAP. The company has been honoured with awards like the youngest to get the best women entrepreneur transforming nation award by United Nations and Government of India, best hemp start-up by Asian Hemp Summit and Atal Innovation Medal.

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Varun Kashyap


Varun is a graduate from PEC, Chandigarh and Young India Fellowship (Ashoka University). He is amongst five Indians selected for the German Chancellor Fellowship in 2014 and was the founding member of the Global Shapers Chandigarh Hub in 2013, a global network of leaders sponsored by the World Economic Forum. Varun has been an aspiring entrepreneur since 2006 when he led two self-help groups as part of a project funded by the Commonwealth Youth Programme. He started Suvidha Bazaar after graduation in 2010, a farm to kitchen initiative with an objective to reduce the price gap and provide information to the farmers on what and how much to grow to maximize their income. At LetsEndorse, he is on a mission to eradicate social issues at scale.

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Waqas Halim

Project Lead,

Waqas Halim is an educationist and a thought leader. He holds a Master’s in Public Administration with concentration in International Development from Columbia University, and is a Fulbright Alumnus. Waqas is passionate about the use of technology for social change and governance. He heads the Centre for Technology in Governance and the Smart Cities Initiative at Information Technology University in Lahore. He aims to develop their networks across the globe for promotion of thought leadership on Science, Innovation and Technology policy.

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Anubha Maneshwar


Anubha is young entrepreneur who wishes to change how tech education works in India. Through her organisation called GirlScript Foundation Pvt Ltd, she has impacted lives of 10,000+ beginners in technology and programming by ensuring that 50% participants are from under represented groups including women. GirlScript is India’s Biggest Tech Community with chapters in 36 cities of India. It has various programs like GirlScript Summer of Code, LetsPy India Tour, Groom School, GirlScript India Summit and Hack-O-Trek. She has won Indian Women Leadership Excellence Award 2019, 35 Under 35 Awards in Best Startup for Education, India’s Top Young Leaders

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Laraib Zamir


Laraib Zamir is a young speaker and entrepreneur, working earnestly for women empowerment and breaking stereotypes associated with women in Pakistan. She is the founder of Xgeeksters, a technical sanctuary where tech knowledge is applied, tested and learnt, particularly by women without age barriers. Laraib programs and conducts workshops in AI, Android development, graphic design, web development and 3D Unity. Her recent efforts include training over 55 women in robotics and IoT while supporting their advent into the startup ecosystem. Laraib’s passion and dedication has earned her many awards as she continues to inspire her community, making women aware of technology and its various fields of application and expertise.

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Pooja Rai

Co-founder & CEO,

Pooja Rai is the co-founder and CEO of Anthill Creations, a social enterprise incubated by NSRCEL IIM Bangalore and N/Core. It aims to make play accessible to all by building low cost and sustainable playscape. Anthill Creations brings in the much needed play into children’s lives that eventually affects their overall growth and life. She is an architecture graduate from IIT Kharagpur. She has also authored a book on women entrepreneurs named ‘The Road Not Taken’ published by IIM Bangalore.

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Raziya Shaikh


As a Researcher Raziya started working on tribal foods that are mainly prepared from forest minor produces. She created a platform named Bastar Food Firm to provide identity to tribal food as well as also to provide opportunity to tribal girls to learn technology at grass root level. This platform also works as incubation center where females from small villages come to learn food processing with food safety & hygienic condition and turn into business model.

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Zartaj Waseem

Co-founder / CEO

Zartaj is a thriving STEM education professional and a budding tech entrepreneur. She’s spearheading Pakistan’s first and only dedicated Space Science STEM Education venture. She’s a speaker, innovator, maker and doer and hopes to join hands with industry giants, research firms and visionaries to bring the most enduring hands-on, STEM education experience for students in Pakistan. Zartaj is the National Organizer for the World Robot Olympiad in Pakistan. She was the first Pakistani International Award Judge and is the only Pakistani to be the FIRST Global Task Force member for developing Robotics curriculum. She has also been the FIRST Lego League Regional Planning Committee Head, Judge Advisor and a Robotics Teams’ Coach since 2013.

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